The Ultimate Guide To The Creation Museum

The Ultimate Guide To The Creation Museum

Creation Museum Travel Guide

Creation Museum allows you to relive biblical history, with stunning exhibits, botanical gardens, planetarium, zoo, zip line, and much more. The museum enables families and children to learn and experience the earth’s history as God has revealed it in the Bible. There are nearly 150 exhibits, many are interactive, featuring dinosaurs and several displays that honor God´s Word. 

Address: 2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd, Petersburg, KY 41080, Entrance Fee: $25 – $40

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Must see in Creation Museum

Creation Museum | Creation Museum Travel Guide

Exhibits: There’s a lot to see and explore, including Garden of Eden – See Adam naming the animals, the creation of Eve, the tree of life; Allosaurus – stunning full-size Allosaurus; The Flood – Learn how the Flood left behind layer upon layer of rocks and fossils in the present.

Events: There are several workshops and presentations held at the Creation Museum, find out while buying tickets, and plan your day accordingly.

Guided Tours: There are three guided tours (1) Beauty in Blooms Tour, (2) Life Science Tour and (3) The Heavens Declare Tour

Other Attractions: 4D Special Effects Theater, Botanical Gardens, Dragon Hall Bookstore, Zip Lines, Animal Encounters, and Family Dining.

Creation Museum | Creation Museum Travel Guide
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