The Ultimate Guide To San Antonio

The Ultimate Guide To San Antonio

San Antonio Alamo | San Antonio Travel Guide

The Alamo

The  Mission Alamo in San Antonio is commonly called “The Alamo,” and formerly known as the “Misión San Antonio de Valero,” is a historic site, a fortress compound built in the 18th century by Roman Catholic missionaries. It was the site of the historic Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Today it is a museum and a part of the San Antonio Missions World Heritage Site.

Address: 300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas 78205 Entrance Fee: Free

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San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk | San Antonio Travel Guide

The River Walk in San Antonio is one of my favorite places in entire Texas! Relaxed, soothing environment, where you can stroll the banks of the San Antonio River, take a boat ride and explore the city’s architecture. The River Walk is lined up with several shops and restaurants. This is a must-see in San Antonio.

Address: 849 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205, Entrance Fee: Free

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SeaWorld San Antonio

San Diego SeaWorld | San Diego Travel Guide

It’s known to be the largest of the three SeaWorld parks in the US. The other two parks are in San Diego and Orlando. Here you will get to see some fantastic shows, a range of animals, including dolphins, sea lions, otters, and sea turtles, to name a few. And some incredible rides: Texas Stingray, Riptide Rescue, Sea Swinger, The Rescue Coaster, Great White Roller Coaster.

Tip: You don’t want to miss any shows in SeaWorld, check out the show timings and plan your rides accordingly. All shows at SeaWorld are simply awesome!

Address: 10500 SeaWorld Drive, San Antonio, TX 78251

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