The Ultimate Guide To Road To Hana

The Ultimate Guide To Road To Hana

Road To Hana Travel Guide

Hana Highway, also commonly known as the Road to Hana, is a very picturesque and mesmerizing drive with rainforests, waterfalls, gardens, white, red, and black sand beaches along the way. Even though the drive can be a bit exhausting with over 600 hairpin turns, more than 50 one-lane bridges, and a lot of blind spots, but it’s worth it. This is a must-do in Maui, and if you just have one day in Maui, I would recommend just doing the Road to Hana. You can either drive yourself or opt for one of many local tours.

If you are planning to use local tours, I would recommend Adventure Maui Tours company. Depending on the type of tour, your tour guide will take you to some fixed vista points, and you don’t have an option to choose your favorite stops. But, if you’re planning to drive, follow along, and as I take you through my list of the must-see stops on the Road To Hana.

Before you start your drive: Drive very carefully, use headlights and honk in sharp turnings, it’s not considered offensive. Be courteous to others and give way to the locals while driving. Fill up gas at Paia; this is the last town where you can fill up gas before you embark on your 65-mile journey to Hana. You will find small food stalls and food trucks on the way, but once you leave Paia town, the next gas station will be only in Hana.

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Mile Marker 2 - Twin & Caveman Falls

Hawaii The Big Island Hawaii Rainbow Falls

This is the first waterfall you will encounter on the road to Hana, located in the Ho’olawa Valley, sits on private property. Still, the owners are kind and allow visitors to experience the intrinsic beauty of the waterfalls. There are two sections, the Lower Falls, which is easily accessible from the parking lot, but the Caveman Falls are the Upper Falls that requires a short hike.

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Mile Marker 7 - Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Road To Hana Rainbow Eucalyptus trees | Road To Hana Travel Guide

The different colors: green, blue, orange, and purple, on the bark of the Eucalyptus trees looks very unique. The Rainbow Eucalyptus, also known as rainbow gum tree, gets its multi-colored streaks due to the peeling of the outer bark.

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Mile Marker 10 - Garden of Eden

Hawaii Maui Road To Hana | Road To Hana Travel Guide

This amazing private arboretum is the work of Alan Bradbury, a well-renowned arborist. You will find spectacular trails, a 100-year old mango tree, colorful peacocks, stunning coastal views, including the famous Keopuka rock overlook. Admission fee: $15

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Mile Marker 19 - Upper Waikani Falls

Hawaii Maui Road To Hana

Popularly known as Three Bears Falls, due to three parallel streams running down the hill, is located right by the side of the road. The only downside, there is no parking lot close to the viewing area.

Mile Marker 24 & 25: More Water Falls: Mile Marker 24: Hanawi Falls, Mile Marker 25: Makapipi Falls

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Mile Marker 32: Wai’anapanapa State Park and Honokalani Black Sand Beach

Road To Hana Honokalani Black Sand Beach | Hawaii Maui Road To Hana | Road To Hana Travel Guide

Wai’anapanapa State Park is yet another popular stop, known for its beautiful Honokalani beach, picturesque black sand beach, hiking trails, lava tubes, caves and blowholes along the ocean.

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Mile Marker 34: Hana Town

Hawaii Maui | Road To Hana Travel Guide

Yes, you made it to Hana, there is not much to do in Hana, besides the Hana Harbor and the birthplace of Queen Kaahumanu, wife of the first Hawaiian King Kamehameha I.

Most people end there trip here and head back, but I highly recommend that you keep going beyond Hana and visit the following before you head back, believe me you will thank me, later!

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Wailua Falls (8 miles past Hana)

Road To Hana Wailua Falls | Road To Hana Travel Guide

Wailua Falls, known to be the most photographed waterfall in whole Maui, is a beautiful 80 ft waterfall tumbling down a garden into a rocky pool.

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Haleakala State Park - Kīpahulu District (12 miles past Hana)

Hawaii Maui Haleakala Kīpahulu District Bamboo Forest | Road To Hana Travel Guide

Pipiwai Trail: The most famous hiking trail in all of Hawaii, a 4-mile (round trip) trail that goes through beautiful bamboo forests, passes by the 185-foot Makahiku Falls, a massive banyan tree, and finally the amazing 400-foot Waimoku Falls. This trail is moderately strenuous; make sure you have water, sun-screen, and time it so that you’re back before it gets dark.

Hawaii Maui Haleakala Kīpahulu Pool | Road To Hana Travel Guide

Pools of ‘Ohe’o: Known as Seven Sacred Pools, is a series of pools and waterfalls that empty into the Pacific. Simply put, nature at its best, this place is really very beautiful. Just remove your shoes, dip your feet into one of the pools, and enjoy the views.

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Road To Hana Travel GuideI hope you enjoyed reading the post, The Ultimate Guide To Road To Hana, and I expect this will help you plan your trip to Road To Hana.

Happy feeding your soul!

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