The Ultimate Guide To Put-in-Bay

The Ultimate Guide To Put-in-Bay

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial top view | Put-in-Bay Travel Guide

Put-in-Bay is a small island resort located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie and a must-visit in Ohio. Located 80 miles from Cleveland, can be reached by ferry. Put-in-Bay is for everyone and has a lot to offer: hangout by the beach, lounge by the pool, a beautiful downtown, historical landmarks, cave, winery, and so much more. I have been there several times and go there every year in summer, consider this the best and must-see in Ohio

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Getting To Put-in-Bay

Jet Express and Miller Ferry provides passenger service to Put-in-Bay, I prefer the Miller Ferry because of budget friendly fares, free parking, frequent trips.

Put-in-Bay Ferry | Put-in-Bay Travel Guide

Getting around in Put-in-Bay

There are many options – renting a golf cart, bike, moped, bus and train tours, and taxis. I highly recommend renting a golf cart; it’s really fun driving around in a golf cart. It’s a small island, easy to navigate with ample parking in front of the main attractions.

Put-in-Bay | Put-in-Bay Travel Guide
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Must See In Put-in-Bay

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial | Put-in-Bay Travel Guide

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

Towering 352 feet above sea level is Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, built to honor the heroes who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie and to celebrate the long-lasting peace between Britain, Canada, and the US. There’s an observation deck on the top, offering some breathtaking views Toledo, Detroit, and Cleveland.

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Perry’s Cave & Family Fun Center

Put-in-Bay Perrys Cave | Put-in-Bay Travel Guide

Perry’s Cave is a registered Ohio Natural Landmark, discovered in 1813, is 208 feet long. A rare underground lake contained within the cave, with a temperature around 50 °F, all year-round. There are guided tours conducted by knowledgeable tour guides, which takes around 20 minutes. Entrance Fee: Adults: $ 8.00 and children 6-12: $5.00

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Put-In-Bay Winery Tour

Put-in-Bay Winery Tour | Put-in-Bay Travel Guide

The winery offers guided tours, and visitors can sample wines and or grape juice. The winery opened in 2009, showcasing the entire lifecycle of the winemaking process.

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Antique Car Museum

Put-in-Bay Antique Car Museum | Put-in-Bay Travel Guide

The late Charles “Skip” Duggan, considered one of the founders of Put-in-Bay, started the Sunday afternoon car parades in Put-in-Bay. Which has now become a staple, every Sunday you will see a fleet of antique cars driving by the downtown. Many of these classic antique cars can be seen at the antique car museum.

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Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial top view | Put-in-Bay Travel GuideI hope you enjoyed reading the post, The Ultimate Guide To Put-in-Bay, and I expect this will help you plan your trip to Put-in-Bay.

Happy feeding your soul!

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