The Ultimate Guide To Pikes Peak

The Ultimate Guide To Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak Guide Travel Guide

Pikes Peak, located in the Pike National Forest, Colorado, is the highest summit of the Southern Range of the Rocky Mountains. The summit offers some breathtaking sweeping views of Colorado and a popular attraction. The peak is named after an American mountaineer and explorer Zebulon Pike, an early explorer of the Southwest.

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Best ways to Explore Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak Guide | Pikes Peak Guide Travel Guide

Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway: The best and easiest way to explore Pikes Peak is via this memorable Cog Railway. Unfortunately, the Cog Railway is currently closed but should open in May 2021. I was fortunate to have done this before the Cog Railway closed down for renovation, it’s really a memorable experience and something I had never experienced before. Keep a watch on their website – Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway, and do it as soon as they are back in business.

Bus Tours: There’s a well narrated and safe tour operated by Gray Line, starting at $69 per adult.

Drive your own Car: You can drive your own car to the Pikes Peak summit, ascending the scenic Pikes Peak Highway, a toll road. Please be careful if you plan to drive, there are several hairpin turns, and the road is quite steep.

Address: GPS Lat: 38.841771, Long: -105.043719

Pikes Peak | Pikes Peak Guide Travel Guide
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