The Ultimate Guide To Multnomah Falls

The Ultimate Guide To Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls Oregon | Multnomah Falls Travel Guide

Multnomah Falls, an awe-inspiring, majestic waterfall, dropping about 610 feet, located on Multnomah Creek. Multnomah Falls is very accessible and is located just outside Portland, 30 minutes drive. Multnomah Falls is also the tallest of the Columbia River Gorge’s many waterfalls. There is no entry or parking fee, but there’s limited parking, and due to the popularity, it becomes challenging to find parking, and you might have to wait in a queue.

Address: GPS Lat: 45.576838, Long: -122.116420

There are trails, open seasonally, that takes you to the iconic, famous Benson Bridge spanning the lower falls, constructed in 1914, named after Simon Benson, a prominent businessman and owner of the falls at the time.

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