The Ultimate Guide To Mount Hood

The Ultimate Guide To Mount Hood

Mount Hood Travel Guide | Mount Hood Travel Guide

Mount Hood, at an elevation of about 11,250 ft about the sea level, is known to be the highest point in all of Oregon State. Mount Hood is possibly an active volcano, built up by many layers of hardened lava, known to have last erupted in the year 1782. There has been no volcanic activity since then but still considered to be an active volcano. It’s quite an experience to see Mount Hood and traversing an active volcanic zone.

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Things To Do In Mount Hood

Mount Hood Travel Guide


Mount Hood is very popular amongst the skiers as it’s the only ski resort in the country, where you can ski throughout the year. In total, Mount Hood is covered by twelve glaciers, which ensures that there is always snow on the peaks. 

The Timberline Lodge:

The Timberline Lodge is a historic lodge, located at an altitude of some 6.000 feet, just below the glaciers, in Mount Hood. Constructed in the year 1932, still operational, the lodge offers lodging and restaurant service with spectacular views of the glaciers.

Mirror Lake:

As the name suggests, this lake offers you a perfect reflection of Mount Hood and is easily accessible. The trail to Mirror Lake is not difficult but is about a two-mile hike from the Government camp. 

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