The Ultimate Guide To Logan Pass

The Ultimate Guide To Logan Pass

Logan Pass Travel Guide

Logan Pass is the highest point in Glacier National Park, Montana. Logan Pass is one of the most popular vista points in the park, offers some great views of the lush mountain peak, and also the starting point of various hiking trails, including the most popular Highline Trail.

The Highline trail heads north along the west side of the continental divide, through an area known as the Garden Wall, due to the lush and beautiful wildflowers that grow there during the summer.

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Hiking The Highline Trail

Highline Trail | Logan Pass Travel Guide

Logan Pass has very limited parking, either arrive early or take the park shuttle, running every 15 minutes, the last shuttle leaving from Logan Pass at 5:20 PM.

Expect a lot of traffic, being the most popular trail, a lot of people hike the Highline Trail, but most do only the first few miles for the views over the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

You would find a sign across the Going-to-the-Sun Road from Logan Pass, indicating the beginning of the Highline Trail. The first mile is one of the best parts but can be scary if you’re scared of heights. You will walk on a narrow path cut out of a mountain, overlooking the Going-to-the-Sun Road. There’s a cable attached to the side of the rock wall, for your safety and in case you would like to hold onto something or if you feel uncomfortable.

Highline Trail | Logan Pass Travel Guide

Garden Wall: This part of the hike would take you through some beautiful dense forests, wildflowers, waterfalls, and you will get to see some spectacular views of the Glacier National Park. Please be aware, there are a lot of bears in Glacier National Park, and please be very cautious and carry necessary bear deterrent.

Grinnell Glacier Overlook

Grinnell Glacier Overlook: A detour of 1.6 miles (round trip) would take you to the Grinner Glacier Overlook. This overlook offers some striking panoramic views of Glacier National Park.

Granite Park Chalet | Logan Pass Travel Guide

Granite Park Chalet: Is a historic landmark and about a mile from Grinnell Glacier detour.

The Loop: It’s a 4-mile hike to get to the Loop from Granite Park Chalet and is the end of your hike. You would find shuttle stops, east, and westbound, based on where you parked your car you can board the shuttle here.

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