The Ultimate Guide To Going-to-the-Sun Road

The Ultimate Guide To Going-to-the-Sun Road

Glacier National Park Montana Travel Guide

Going-to-the-Sun Road is a scenic mountain drive in Glacier National Park in Montana and a must-do during your visit to the Park. This is the only road in the park that traverses the entire park between the east and west entrance, crossing all major vista points in the park. The road is approximately 50 miles long, well-paved, wide two-lane highway, and easy to drive and navigate with ample parking spaces at major viewing areas. The road passes through glacial lakes, waterfalls, and cedar forests, with viewpoint and parking space along the road.

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Going-to-the-Sun Road

Lake McDonald | Glacier National Park Travel Guide

The official starting point of the Going-to-the-Sun road begins at Route 2, next to the West Glacier Amtrak station. Yes, that’s right; there’s an Amtrak station with rental car companies situated right next to the station. But you can begin your voyage from any of the three entrances of the Glacier National Park, the St. Mary, East entrance, or the more popular west entrance by the Apgar visitor center.

Must-See Places:

Lake McDonald: Is the largest lake in the park, created by massive glaciers numerous years ago and is one of the main attractions on the west side of the park.

Lake McDonald Lodge: is a Swiss chalet-style building. This rustic lodge has more than 80 guest rooms, a restaurant, and a gift shop. This is where you would find a boat tour offered by the Glacier Park Boat Company.

McDonald Falls | Glacier National Park Travel Guide

McDonald Falls: Right past Lake McDonald, you will find this is a small but beautiful waterfall.

Avalanche Creek and Trail of the Cedars: This is a well-paved, short trail (less than a mile) offering some astounding views of the gorge, Avalanche Lake, and a gorgeous waterfall.

West Side Tunnel: There are two tunnels on the Going-to-the-Sun; this tunnel has holes/windows on the wall overlooking the valley. Please be careful and do not make sudden stops, rather park at the close-by parking lot and return to enjoy the tunnel.

Heavens Peak: Following a hairpin turn, you would see a small parking lot and a viewpoint to see Heavens Peak, about 8900 ft tall peak, often covered in snow.

Haystack Falls Montana | Glacier National Park Travel Guide

Haystack Falls: Is a waterfall that falls right next to the road; there’s a small arch that goes over the waterfall.

Weeping Wall: You will find water spewing out through the rocks walls on your way to the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Logan Pass Visitor Center: Logan pass visitor center is situated is the highest point in whole Going-to-the-Sun Road, offers some grand sweeping views, and the starting point of many hiking trails. 

Glacier National Park Montana | Glacier National Park Travel Guide

East Side Tunnel: This tunnel was built back in the 1930s, without any modern construction equipment, an outstanding piece of engineering.

Jackson Glacier: This is the fourth highest peak and is easily visible from the lookout.

Wild Goose Island: You cannot miss this iconic and most photographed and iconic landmark of Glacier National Park. The little Wild Goose Island, situated in the middle of Saint Mary Lake surrounded by water and mountains.

Saint Mary Visitor Center: Depending on where you start your trip, this could be your end or starting point of the Going-to-the-Sun road.

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