The Ultimate Guide To Garden of the Gods

The Ultimate Guide To Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods Travel Guide

Garden of the Gods Park, located in Colorado Springs, is a National Natural Landmark, offering dramatic views of tall red sandstone formations and sweeping views of Pikes Peak. It’s so beautiful that it’s considered the meeting point for Gods. It’s said that rock formations, at Garden of the Gods, were created because of a geological disruption, millions of years ago. The red rocks, at the Garden of the Gods, get their red color from the hematite (iron oxide) found in the rock.

Address: 1805 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, Entrance Fee: There is no fee

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Exploring the Park

Garden of the Gods | Garden of the Gods Travel Guide

Even though you could explore the park all by yourself, I would highly recommend all first-time visitors to take one of the trolley or jeep tours offered at the visitor center. It’s a well narrated and well-paced tours with several photo opportunities.

Some amazing rock formations:

Kissing Camels: One of the first things you would notice, as the name suggests, looks like two camels kissing.

Siamese Twins: Seriously identical twins, two identical columns sculpted by mother nature.

Balanced Rock: Looks as if it’s about to lose the balance and come tumbling down.

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Garden of Gods | Colorado Travel GuideI hope you enjoyed reading the post, The Ultimate Guide To Garden of the Gods, and I expect this will help you plan your trip to the Garden of the Gods.

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