The Ultimate Guide To Custer State Park

The Ultimate Guide To Custer State Park

South Dakota
Needles Highway Scenic Drive | Custer State Park Travel Guide

It’s a State Park and wildlife refuge in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The park is South Dakota’s largest and first state park, covers a vast area including hilly terrain, lakes and is home to several wild animals. If you’re in South Dakota, I would highly recommend visiting Custer State Park, there is a lot to see and explore, including Sylvan Lake, the Needles Highway, and Wildlife Loop Road.

Address: 13400 US, US-16A, Custer, SD 57730, Entrance Fee: $20 per non-commercial private vehicle

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Must see in the Park

Custer State Park - Sylvan Lake | Custer State Park Travel Guide

Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake is simply the Crown Jewel of Custer State Park; it’s a man-made lake but is gorgeous. You will not want to miss the views of serene water, nestled between the giant rocks. Sylvan Lake also offers a lot of outdoor activities, including hiking trails, kayaking, and swimming.

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Needles Highway Scenic Drive

Needles Highway | Custer State Park Travel Guide

The Needles Highway Scenic Drive, a fourteen-mile road, offers some breathtaking views of the mountains, rock formations, and the forest. The most famous rock formation is the Needle’s Eye, formed by wind, rain, and the freezing and thawing of the rain and snow. The drive is not very strenuous and has parking available at viewpoints but is open only from Spring through Fall.

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Wildlife Loop Road

Wildlife Loop Road | Custer State Park Travel Guide

This is yet another must-see, 18-mile long scenic drive in Custer State Park. The Wildlife Loop Road winds through the open grasslands of the park, and there are very good chances that you would spot some giant bison, bighorn sheep, elks, deers, and coyotes. Please be safe, do not approach any of these animals, and do not leave your car.

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