The Ultimate Guide To Crazy Horse Memorial

The Ultimate Guide To Crazy Horse Memorial

South Dakota
Crazy Horse Memorial Travel Guide

Even though it’s not complete, the Crazy Horse Memorial is shaping up to be the largest mountain carving in the world. Currently, only the face is complete, but it’s already begun drawing a lot of visitors. This sculpture is being built to honor Crazy Horse, one of the most powerful and recognized Native American figures and leaders of the Lakota Tribe. American war leader and fearless defender of Native American culture, his is an intriguing and vibrant legacy, inspiring the world’s largest mountain carving.

Address: 12151 Ave of the Chiefs, Crazy Horse, SD  57730, Entrance Fee: Adults: $12, Carload: $30, with more than two people

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See It Up-Close

Crazy Horse Memorial | Crazy Horse Memorial Travel Guide

There are two options currently available for a close encounter:

Face-To-Face: This, for sure will be, a memorable trip to the top of the Crazy Horse Carving, available with select Charitable Gifts to Crazy Horse Memorial, but is slightly expensive, starting at $125.

Rustic Bus Rides: Takes you to the bottom of the mountain, 25 minutes round trip, $4 per person.

Crazy Horse Laser Show

There’s a fantastic Laser Show at the Crazy Horse Memorial that runs nightly from 24th May to 29th September. The laser show takes you through the native history and shows a glimpse of how the sculpture would look once it’s complete.

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