The Ultimate Guide To Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Ultimate Guide To Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Travel Guide

Is located near Powell in Liberty Township, Ohio, the zoo is home to more several animals from around the globe. The Zoo is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The hours vary by season, so please check the official website.

Address: 4850 W Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065, Entrance Fee: Adults: $21.99, Childer:  $16.99

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium | Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Travel Guide

Asia Quest: On the Asian quest, you will see rhinos, Asian elephants, red pandas, and Amur tigers.

Australia and the Islands: Here, you would see kangaroos, koalas, orangutans, and a Komodo dragon.

Congo Expedition: See different birds, leopards, gorillas, bonobos, and mandrills, moving past this area you would see okapi. 

Heart of Africa: Spanning 43-acres, this is the Zoo’s largest region, home to zebras, cranes, and gazelles.

North America: Here you would find wolves, bald eagles, Alaskan brown bears, polar bears on land and underwater.

Shores and Aquarium: Takes you close to the ocean, here you will find several aquatic animals from all around the globe. 

Other Attractions: The Ohio Zoo owns and operates a water park called Zoombezi Bay that is connected to the Zoo. Please note that your Zoo ticket/membership does not give you entry into Zoombezi Bay.

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