The Ultimate Guide To Cape Cod

The Ultimate Guide To Cape Cod

Cape Cod Travel Guide | Cape Cod Travel Guide

Cape Cod is a hook-shaped peninsula of Massachusetts and a popular summertime destination. It’s home to historical monuments, lighthouses, several seafood shacks, restaurants, shops, museums, and ocean beaches.

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Must see and do in Cape Cod

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Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod National Seashore includes nearly 40 miles of seashore along the Atlantic-facing eastern shore of Cape Cod. There are six swimming beaches at Cape Cod National Seashore – Nauset Light Beach, a broad, sandy beach with Three Sisters lighthouses; Marconi Beach, observation platform at the Marconi Station site offers an excellent overview of the Outer Cape; Coast Guard Beach – Eastham, a prime swimming destination during summer; Head of the Meadow Beach, so many ships have piled up on the hidden sand bars off the coast, it’s called the “ocean graveyard.”; Race Point Beach, with in close proximity of Provincetown center and the Pilgrim Monument; and the Herring Cove Beach.

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Pilgrim Monument and Museum

Pilgrim Monument and Museum | Cape Cod Travel Guide

The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown was built between 1907 and 1910 to commemorate the first landfall of the Pilgrims in 1620 and the signing of the Mayflower Compact in Provincetown Harbor. The Pilgrim Monument is 252-foot-7 ¹⁄₂-inch-tall freestanding Italian bell tower, is the tallest all granite structure in the US, and is part of the Provincetown Historic District. This is where the Pilgrims spent five weeks exploring Cape Cod before they sailed to Plymouth.

Address: 1 High Pole Hill Rd, Provincetown, MA 02657, Entrance Fee: Adult: $17, Child (4-12): $7

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Cape Cod Lighthouses

Cape Cod Lighthouses | Cape Cod Travel Guide

There are fourteen lighthouses in Cape Cod. The most popular are – Highland Lighthouse, an active lighthouse inn North Truro; Nauset Light, officially Nauset Beach Light, is a restored lighthouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places; and the Race Point Lighthouse, Race Point Light is a historic lighthouse in Provincetown.

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