The Ultimate Guide To Biltmore Estate

The Ultimate Guide To Biltmore Estate

North Carolina
The Ultimate Guide To Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate, one of the largest family homes ever built in the US!

Biltmore Estate, a colossal Chateauesque-style mansion in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, was once a family home of the Vanderbilts is now a historic house museum! 

Encompassing 800 acres, the Biltmore Estate features the iconic Biltmore House, several gardens, and the charming Antler Hill Village. The Biltmore House, comprising approximately 250 rooms, including more than 30 bedrooms, indoor gardens, a large banquet hall, a huge library, several kitchens, an indoor swimming pool, and a gym, with the original decor and furniture used by the Vanderbilt family, is the main attraction in Biltmore Estate!

However, to add to the experience, Biltmore Estate offers a lot of other attractions and activities, including several manicured outdoor gardens, a conservatory, nature trails, wineries, and the lovely Antler Hill Village, which features many shops and eateries. Biltmore Estate also offers excellent onsite lodging options in its two hotels and cottages, with easy access to Biltmore House and other attractions located on the estate.

Biltmore Estate, what started as a man’s dream, today is one of the most famous destinations and an iconic landmark of North Carolina! 

It all started in 1887 when George Vanderbilt visited Asheville and fell in love with the natural scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains and decided to build his country home in the lush valleys of the mountain. The construction of Biltmore Estate began in 1889, and after six years in 1895, the estate was officially opened for the Vanderbilt family and friends. After the death of George Vanderbilt in 1914, his legacy was passed on to the next generations, who continued using Biltmore Estate for several years, and later in 1930 opened it up to the public.

Here is my ultimate guide to Biltmore Estate, featuring essential trip-planning information, things to do, and recommendations on hotels and restaurants near Biltmore Estate!

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Planning Your Trip To Biltmore Estate

Planning Your Trip To Biltmore Estate

Fly into Asheville or Greenville Regional Airport and stay in one of the onsite properties of Biltmore Estate for an authentic Biltmore Estate experience! 

Best Time To Visit Biltmore Estate: Biltmore Estate is open all year, and with mild temperatures in North Carolina, it’s a year-round destination! However, summer and fall are the peak seasons in Biltmore Estate, with weekends being extremely busy. Warm daytime temperatures in summer and fall are best suited for strolling the gardens and hiking the nature trails at Biltmore Estate. However, if you don’t mind slightly cooler weather, visiting in spring and winter is a great option to beat the crowd at Biltmore Estate.

Time Required In Biltmore Estate: While 3 -4 hours are sufficient to explore the Biltmore House, I recommend spending at least an entire day exploring the House, gardens, and Antler Hill Village at Biltmore Estate. If you’ve more time, you could even spend a couple of days in the Biltmore Estate, staying overnight at one of the hotels within the Estate and leisurely exploring the wineries, nature trails and indulging yourself in fine dining, shopping, and spa services offered at Biltmore Estate.

Getting To Biltmore Estate: The best way to get to Biltmore Estate is by flying into Asheville, North Carolina, or Greenville, South Carolina regional airports and then driving to the Park. Alternatively, you could also take a train or a bus to get to the closest major city and then drive to Biltmore Estate.

  • Flight: The Asheville Regional Airport (AVL), Asheville, North Carolina, just 11 miles from Biltmore Estate and Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), Greenville, South Carolina, around 72 miles from the Estate, are the closest major regional airports to Biltmore Estate. However, the regional airports are serviced by a few select airlines, making the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), Charlotte, North Carolina, approximately 120 miles from Biltmore Estate, the next best option to get to Biltmore Estate.
  • Train: The Greenville and Spartanburg Amtrak Stations in South Carolina, located about 70 miles from Biltmore Estate, are the closest Amtrak station to Biltmore Estate.
  • Bus: The closest Greyhound bus stop to Biltmore Estate is located on Swannanoa River Road, Asheville, North Carolina, just 2 miles from the Estate.

Parking & Shuttle Service In Biltmore Estate: There’re two large parking lots in the Estate, Lot A & B, which can be used to access the Biltmore House. You could either walk 10 minutes or take a shuttle from the parking lot to get to the Biltmore House. There’s a separate parking lot near Antler Hill Village which can be used when visiting the village or the winery. 

Lodging In Biltmore Estate: While you will find several lodging options in Asheville, there’re three great lodging options within the Estate featuring great views, shuttle services to several attractions, and an authentic Biltmore Estate experience. Here’re my top picks for hotels in Biltmore Estate and a couple of options outside the Estate in the town of Asheville.

Dining Options In Biltmore Estate: There’re several great onsite dining options in Biltmore Estate, ranging from fine dining to casual cafes. Here’re my favorite places to eat in Biltmore Estate – The Dining Room for fine dining at Inn on Biltmore Estate, Village Social for great seafood in Antler Hill Village and Winery, and The Biltmore Dairy Bar for delicious milkshakes & ice creams near Biltmore House and Gardens. There’re several other dining options that you can find on the Biltmore Estate Website.

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Things To Do In Biltmore Estate

Things To Do In Biltmore Estate

Unquestionably, Biltmore House is the main attraction in Biltmore Estate, but there are a ton of other things to do in the Estate, including many gardens, nature trails, wineries, and the charming Antler Hill Village! 

Biltmore House: The colossal European-style mansion, the Biltmore House takes center stage in the Estate, offering an opportunity to explore a few rooms of the mansion’s approximately 250 rooms, including indoor gardens, a massive banquet hall, a large balcony overlooking the wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a gigantic library, several bedrooms, multiple kitchens, a bowling alley, a gym, and a swimming pool. The Biltmore House also features the original art collection, decor, ceramics, and furniture used by the Vanderbilt family.

Biltmore Estate offers various tours of the Biltmore House, including Self-Guided Tours of Biltmore House, Biltmore House Backstairs Tours, Biltmore House Rooftop Tours, and Self-Guided Audio Tours, and all tickets can be booked online on the Biltmore Estate Website. Though it’s a self-guided and self-paced tour, while reserving the tickets, you have to select an available house tour slot and reach at least an hour before your house tour begins.

Gardens & Conservatory: The sprawling Biltmore Estate is home to lush valleys and several manicured gardens that can be explored anytime during your visit. There’re five gardens, including Shrub Garden, Italian Garden, Walled Garden, Spring Garden, and Azalea Garden, a pond, a conservatory, and several nature trails around the gardens. Here’s the link to the Biltmore Estate Garden and Trails map

Antler Hill Village: The charming Antler Hill Village offers a great way to connect with nature and learn about the Estate’s history through its several exhibits, historic structures, farmland, and craft demonstrations. The Antler Hill Village is also the shopping and dining district of Biltmore Estate, featuring many eateries and stores. Antler Hill Village is also home to the Estate’s winery that offers a few winery tours and wine tasting. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Biltmore EstateI hope you enjoyed reading the post, The Ultimate Guide To Biltmore Estate, and I hope this will help you plan your trip to Biltmore Estate. You can find other attractions in North Carolina in my North Carolina Travel Guide.

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