The Ultimate Georgia Travel Guide

The Ultimate Georgia Travel Guide

The Ultimate Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia: Bustling downtown with several attractions, beautiful gardens and parks, and my favorite, the World of Coca-Cola. Georgia has something for all age groups! Here is my Georgia travel guide outlining major Georgia attractions! 

To make it easy for you to navigate the content, I have organized my Georgia travel guide into two sections. (1) A brief introduction to Georgia, a little history, some geography, commute, and weather. (2) Major Georgia attractions, if you wish, you can skip the introduction and move on to the next section, Georgia Attractions

History: Georgia was admitted to the union as the 4th state on January 2, 1788. The state was named after England’s King George II and got its nickname, the Peach State, from the high qualities peaches that are grown in the state. Georgia is the nation’s leading producer of peanuts, pecans, and pimiento peppers.

Geography: Georgia is bordered by Tennessee and North Carolina in the north. In the south, Georgia is bordered by Florida. To the east of Georgia is the state of South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west, Georgia is bordered by Alabama and a small section of Florida. Georgia is the largest state on the east side of the Mississippi River, with a diverse landscape, mountains in the north and northeast to the coastal plain in the southeast.

Getting There

Flight: Atlanta Hartsfield Intl. Airport (ATL), Savannah International Airport (SAV), Augusta – Bushfield Airport (AGS) and Valdosta Regional Airport (VLD) are the main airports in Atlanta, with ATL being the busiest and economical of all.

Drive: If you live in any of the neighboring or southeastern states, you could drive to Georgia.

Train: Amtrak offers a rail service called Silver Service / Palmetto connecting – New York, Washington, DC, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa / Miami.


Climate: Summers are warm and humid, with average temperatures between 72°F – 90°F. Winter temperatures vary from north to south, with freezing temperatures in the north, but the southern part stays above freezing temperatures. Autumn is mild and sunny, and it is the best time to visit Georgia. Check current weather conditions in Georgia.

Time zone: Eastern Daylight Time UTC-4

Getting around: I recommend renting a car, but there are few other options – MARTA, when traveling in Atlanta Metro area, CAT – in Savannah area and GRTA – Georgia Regional Transit Authority, connecting some other regions of Georgia.

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Best Places To Visit in Georgia

Atlanta Downtown

The downtown is the city’s busy central business district and home to some major attractions: the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, the CNN Studio, the College Football Hall of Fame and restaurants.

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Stone Mountain Park

Is home to several attractions, including Sky Hike, Scenic Railroad, 4D movie, the world’s longest running lasershow and the largest high relief sculpture in the world, the Confederate Memorial Carving.

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The Rock City Garden

Located atop Lookout Mountain, about 6 miles from downtown Chattanooga, Rock City is a true marvel of nature featuring massive ancient rock formations, gardens, and breathtaking panoramic views.

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