The Best USA Travel Guide

1. Inspiration

Life is too short, compared to the list of wonderful places I haven’t seen yet.

We only live once, and often get so busy with life that we forget that life has a lot more to offer. We often run behind things that we don’t have, but forget how blessed we are: GOD has given us the ability to see, feel, learn, the list goes on; GOD has also created wonders like serene nature, waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers, animals, and the list goes on. The only problem is that our life doesn’t go on for ever. There will be a day when we will close our eyes forever. There is so much to see, explore, and learn, but so less time. Let’s travel, see places, meet new people, experience new cultures, taste different food, and live life to the fullest.

Reality check: Education, job, finances, family, aspirations everything is important; I don’t believe in quitting a full-time job and becoming a roadie. I instead believe in maintaining a healthy balance and giving equal importance to the wanderlust side of us and believe me; it’s doable. I have done that, my husband and I both keeping a fulltime job have traveled to all 50 states in the US. Read more about me here, how I realized the importance of travel in my life, the importance of feeding our souls.

Wanderlust is often sparked by once experiencing the joy, thrill, and happiness that you get from a trip. Start by finding a destination that interests you. You can explore various destinations within the United States in the Destinations Page.

2. Plan Your Trip

The journey, Not the destination matters…
T.S. Eliot

You can find immense joy and excitement in planning and prepping for your trip. Might seem daunting in the beginning: flight tickets, train tickets, rental cars, hotels, tours, places to visit, etc., but with a systematic approach and with the following resources, you can do it with much ease. The idea is to get everyone, traveling with you, involved, and enjoy this phase of your trip.

3. Packing & Travel Gear

I cannot emphasize enough on how important is it to travel light and buying the right gears. Traveling light has many benefits: save time at the airport, save money by reducing your checked luggage, not have to worry about luggage in case of flight disruptions. Here are some resources that will help you in buying the right gears and packing right.

4. Travel Tips

Things I learned, some easy & some the hard way…

Here you would find everything you need to know before you embark on your journey: travel tips and do’s & don’ts. You would find destination-specific tips, specific to a state/city, in the respective travel guides. Over the last few years I have traveled a lot and have learned a few things; some the easy way and some the hard, here I have summarized everything for you:

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