My Must Have Travel Gear Guide

My Must Have Travel Gear Guide


I strongly believe in investing in quality travel gear and not have to worry about it for years to come. I would pack my clothes based on the weather and destination, but everything else, I carry while traveling, remains pretty much the same. I am going to list everything I carry, but that might not be applicable to everyone. In particular, I carry a lot of additional camera lenses, filters, tripods, flash, etc. that might not be required for you. Let’s dive into my favorite and must-have travel gear:

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The Essentials

I use them for almost all my trips, a good quality bag, TSA approved bag lock, a protective backpack for my photography gear, toiletry bag, and a few other items listed below:

the essentials bag pack


35L Travel Pack

the essentials GearBackpack

Gear Backpack

Camera & Laptop

the essentials Lock


TSA Approved

the essentials TSABags

Toiletry Bags

TSA Approved

the essentials CompressionBags

Compression Bags

Packing Cubes

the essentials NeckPillow

Neck Pillow


the essentials Waterbottle

Water Bottle


the essentials EyeMask

Sleep Mask




Noise Reduction

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I travel with a lot of electronics and photography equipment, in the following sections I am going to list out what I carry with me, but you might not need everything.

electronics Macbook



ipad pro


iPad Pro

electronics AirPods



the essentials LightningCable

Charging Cable


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Photography Gear

photography Camera



photography lens1


Zoom & Wide Angle

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I personally use these companies and products for my travels, and based on my experience, I recommend them. Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I may earn a small commission that helps me run this website and keeping it free for everyone to use. There are several other resources to help you plan your travel, including My Travel Planning ChecklistMy Best Travel TipsBest Travel Reward Credit CardsMy Best Travel ResourcesBest Places To Visit In USA By MonthUltimate Collection of Inspirational Quotes & Sayingsand more.

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