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Due to the massive size of the US, the climate varies greatly by region. There is no bad time to visit US, and you will always find someplace you can visit no matter what time of the year. US is generally grouped into five different regions: Northeast, Southwest, West, Southeast, and Midwest.


  • States: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, California, Alaska, Hawaii
  • Climate: The Western US is the largest region of the country and is the most geographically diverse, incorporating high mountain ranges, deserts, glaciers, and a portion of the Great Plains. As a matter of fact, you will find a wide range of climates, including the West Coast (The Coastal states of California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii) has warm summers and mild winters with little to no snow. The desert southwest (Nevada and Southern California) has very hot summers and mild winters, while the mountains in the southwest (Utah, Colorado) generally receive large amounts of snow. The Inland Northwest (Eastern Washington, North Idaho, Northeastern Oregon, and Western Montana) has warm to hot summers and cold to bitterly cold winters. Refer my US regional climate breakdown for more details


  • States: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona
  • Climate: This is the hottest region of the US with high rainfall, often accompanies with dangerous lighting, thunderstorms. Summers are very hot, short, but freezing winters and long spring and fall seasons with moderate temperatures.


  • States: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota
  • Climate: Summers are pleasant, but wintertime can be harsh, with lots of snow and heavy chilly winds


  • States: West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida
  • Climate: Humid subtropical climate with scorching summers and winters are quite mild and short-lived.


  • States: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland
  • Climate: Has a diverse climate, with semi-humid summers and bitterly cold winters with heavy snowfall and snowstorms. The fall is very beautiful; the leaves change color to various shades of yellow, orange, red, with peak foliage typically occurring during the first three weeks of October.

Having traveled to all 50 states in the US, I can tell you that US has so much to offer! Each state in the US has something unique to offer. Me living in the US, I took an approach to explore one state at a time and, at times, one state multiple times. But if you’re visiting from a different country and or have limited time, this is what I recommend –

National Parks / Monuments: I would recommend starting here because US has some amazing natural wonders and our National Parks does a great job in maintaining them – Kenai Fjords (Alaska), Hawaii Volcanoes (Hawaii), Yellowstone (Idaho), Arches (Utah) and many more.

Amusement/Theme Parks: Universal Studios (California & Florida), Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando), Disneyland (California), SeaWorld (California, Florida), and many others to select from, please refer my Destinations Page to explore destinations in the US.

Downtowns/City life: New York City (New York), Chicago (Illinois), Las Vegas (Nevada), Los Angeles (California), and more, please see the individual state guides for finding other popular downtowns in US.

Beaches: Clearwater Beach (Florida), Miami Beach (Florida), Ka’anapali Beach (Hawaii), Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), Newport Beach (California) and many more beautiful beaches to select from.

There are few important things like – Visa, Passport, Travel insurance. Find the complete list in my travel planning checklist.

The most important advice that I can give you which will save you a lot of money, is to be flexible with dates and destinations. Find more ways to save money and many more tips on my travel resource page.

Yes, you will be missing out on a lot of perks without a good travel rewards credit card. Read more here, where I have compared my three preferred travel rewards credit cards, detailing the benefits of all.

I currently don’t offer individual itinerary planning services but may offer something in the future. That said, I have a lot of resources on my website free of cost to all my readers. I also make a wholehearted effort to try and respond to individual questions. So if you aren’t able to find the resource you’re looking for, do contact me via my contact page.

I’m currently traveling only within US and trying to catch up with the places that I have already been to but haven’t blogged yet. You can still go ahead and let me know which destination you’re interested in within US, and I can prioritize it, use my contact page.

Personal Questions

I travel almost every alternate weekend, might change based on my husband’s and my work schedule. There are so many places to see in the US, and only because of these trips, we have something to look forward to and easily get through the hectic work days, read more about me.

My husband and I are from India; we both are Software engineers living in the US for a decade. I don’t believe in quitting one’s day job to travel. It’s just managing and planning things around your work. Believe me, you get better at it, and feeding the soul has a lot of positive impacts.

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